serious-photographer_smallThe day I was born my grandmother cried.

The tears were not tears of joy, she cried because she had never seen such an ugly baby.

Many years later, I became a model and a whole new world opened up to me. It was fun, but even more fun awaited me when I landed in NYC 20 years ago. I arrived with $100 in my pocket but my boundless enthusiasm was priceless. My friend greeted me at the airport and gave me my first point and shoot camera. Things were never the same.

I felt like a dog hanging its head out of the window of a fast moving car. With camera in hand and very little English, I embarked on a career as a photographer. I was lucky to start with the best clients imaginable: Wired, Time, Fortune, and the NY Times.

I am a girl with an enormous amount of imagination, creativity, and hunger for learning. I love shooting everything – from labor intensive productions involving a crane and an 8×10 camera, to doing a cover shoot of Bill Gates where I’m only give 90 seconds to do it, to emotionally charged stories that require patience and the gaining of someone’s trust. I can make people laugh but I can also sit down and cry with them.

My background in art (I studied set design at Polanski’s Alma Mater in Lodz) comes in quite handy – from making clothes to building sets- I am a one woman orchestra.